Remember when I said that I am a good 3-4 years behind on anything that is good to watch on TV or some sort of Internet streaming website? Well, here we are again. To be fair on myself, I discovered Daredevil last summer (Summer 2016) because one of my friends suggested we watch it instead of Blue Mountain State (he could really tell I was not enjoying that show at all.)

I am very hit or miss with reboots, or first time tries, of superhero movies and television shows. I am extremely picky, and not even in a sense of being a “true fan.” I will be the first to admit that I have no clue what is going on in the comic book universes. I am picky because I want to believe this actor can really be said superhero.

The superhero that caught my attention: Netflix‘s Daredevil.


The story of Daredevil has always drawn my attention. A blind lawyer by day, a crime fighting vigilante by night. To me, he is sort of the underdog we are all rooting for. I, along with many others, have seen Ben Affleck portray this mysterious, chaotic good character. However, he doesn’t quiet stand up to Charlie Cox’s portrayal in the newer version.

So why do I prefer Charlie over Ben? There is something more convincing about Charlie Cox as his role of Matt Murdock. He is clean shaven, almost scrawny looking, when he is walking around by day in his suits and speaking law terminology in a soft voice. By night? He is wears his five o’clock shadow as nicely as his mysterious “man in a mask” outfit, fighting crime with a convincing Batman-like voice.

Writer’s tip to take away from this: Build a convincing character, all sides of them.

We all know I’m going to talk about other characters as well before this post is over. I would likeĀ to thank the writers of this series for having strong, independent female characters. Yes, I know, it’s 2017 and this shouldn’t be so hard to find anymore, but sometimes the ones I find seem forced, or poorly written.

There are two women in season one who are both strong characters, but in different ways: Karen and Clair. Both come from different backgrounds, have different desires and ambitions, both have different motivations, but they are both strong female characters who stand on their own. Even though they are independent and strong, they also have flaws, they are not put up on some pedestalĀ for all to see and worship. That is the key for me, to make me believe that these women are actually strong and not just written that way.

Writer’s tip: Flawed characters can still be good characters.

Even though, I’m usually not into action and fighting sequences, or even superheros, Daredevil somehow managed to reel me in (when I find time to watch it.) How was this show different from the rest?

Like always… characters. They are ever evolving, flawed, learning, fascinating creatures who laugh and cry just like the people who write them. You don’t need to have special powers like Matt Murdock to see that.