What do you mean my last post was on the fifteenth? Well, clearly, I got this “staying on a consistent schedule” down path, don’t it? (Insert heavy sarcasm and maybe an expression made for The Office.)

What has been keeping me distracted and away? Two things mostly:

  • revisions on my zombie mini-series for the YouTube channel
  • making progress on my novel (I wanted to have 23k words by today and I will reach my goal easily.)

Something that everyone has while writing is a playlist, am I right? Sometimes, I can listen to movie scores for hours and that works just fine. Other times, specific characters have their own music tastes, and will muse better if I listen to what they would listen to.

Does this happen to anyone else? If it doesn’t, you should give it a try. It gives a whole new perspective to your character when you can dig deep and figure out what type of music they would listen to, and when.

Benedict is about a year old, when it comes to how long he has been in my head. In standard character years, he is still pretty young. I am still figuring him out as I go along in this novel writing process. What does that mean? There is going to be a lot of revisions. I was fifty pages in before I figured out where he went to school and what he was studying vs. what he really wanted to study.

Don’t let something like that discourage you. Make a side note somewhere (in the document, a comment, or in a notebook) and keep writing. Revisions will come later.

So to get Benny to “talk” for certain scenes, I find myself listening to a playlist I put together for him. Want to get a sense of my character before the novel is finished? Give these songs a quick listen:

  • “Give Me One Good Reason” – Blink 182
  • “Alone Together” – Fall Out Boy
  • “I’m Just a Kid” – Simple Plan
  • “Weightless” – All Time Low
  • “Stay Together for the Kids” – Blink 182
  • “Bad Blood” – Bastille
  • “21st Century Breakdown” – Green Day


What a little pop punk kid, huh? He also gets hooked on popular songs on the radio, but those come and go with time. These songs always stick with him.

Give it a try with your own characters. It’s a fun little exercise if you have lost muse for them.