I don’t think I could call myself a blogger (or a human being) if I didn’t take a moment to talk about my 2017 resolutions. Most people talk about money, losing weight, traveling more, all these huge goals that are typical and easily given up on because “there is always another year.”

I’m doing something different this year. I’m not going to worry about eating better or working out more, because those are my own personal goals and it has nothing to do with the whole “new year, new me” propaganda. For 2017, my resolutions is to read more books, to write more, and to post/publish more of my work and not be so scared about what people are going t say about it.

I’m usually not one to do challenges: ice bucket challenge, cinnamon challenge, 30-day squat challenge, ect. But when I can across a 26 Books Reading Challenge, how could I refuse?


This list came from a wonderful blog post via Hannah Braime. She also had a Ultimate Reading Challenge (52 books!), but let’s be real, I am going to struggle with this one.

You may be asking, “you’re a writer, don’t you read a lot?” In the last couple of years (the last couple of years of my undergraduate schooling) there was no time for me to read for pleasure. I barely could read and comprehend the books I had to read for class.

I like to take my time while reading, and it is almost impossible for me to plow through a book in just a day or two like I know some people can. Kudos if you can! That is a great talent! In those two years, I might have read six books total, and those were the ones I managed to skim over for my literature classes. I am not proud in saying that I had to skim through a book. That will not happen this year. This year, I am going to branch out, discover new books and authors, enjoy every chapter, and learn from it.

There is also a great website called Good Reads. It is a great site for readers because:

  • You can track your progress
  • You can discover new titles and authors
  • There is great communities of readers who are interested in books you are

Think of it as a Kindle and a book club all in one! I highly recommend it.

Along with reading more in 2017, I want to write more. I want to say I was able to finish at least the first draft of a novel. I have gotten close, but never fully completed it. I have the material and the brain power, but not the commitment. I need to have a schedule and follow it, sit down and just write, even when it is only a few words.

Writing block will happen, and we all just have to fight through it. The way to fight writer’s block is to just write, even when you hate every word that comes out. It can always be revised later.

That is the keyword for 2017: commitment.

If we can commit to what we say we are going to be, then we will roll into 2018 as happy individuals. Don’t look back and say how terrible the year was. Look forward and say how great the future will be.