It looks like I am a day behind with my posts. Whoops. Yesterday was cooking and baking day in my house, and I completely lost track of time. Happens to the best of us, right?

Today, we are going to move away from the special effects makeup and talk about what it is like working with friends. How did this all start? How hard is it? What has to be done? Like I had said in my introduction blog, our group is called Schlep TV. We were founded in January 2016. (Wow, it’s been a year already?)

You know those late night ideas that every group of friends have? This was basically one of those, but the next day, we didn’t just brush it off. We went with it. I say “we” but I can’t even take the credit. That goes to the mastermind behind all this: AJ. All I did was show him some of my writing examples, and he volunteer me to help with most of the writing process and pre-production.

We do everything from “Drunk Interviews with Myself” to full production short films. We decided that we didn’t have to have limits on what we filmed, because this is all a learning experience for us. Most of us didn’t go to school for this, and we are self-teaching as we go along in this process.

The lack of experience and knowledge has to be the hardest part, right? You’d be surprised. The real hard part is communication and commitment. To anyone reading this, if you take anything away from this post, here is what to you should remember when working with friends: put your egos aside.

It is great working with friends on something everyone enjoys, but it is still work! You have to stay professional and focused in those moments of filming, pre and post production, even in the writing process. It is all work. It is not goofing off time, you can do that any time of day.

That doesn’t mean that it can’t get a little silly once in a while. It will. Those are the great moments when working with friends. Sometimes, someone will get the case of the giggles, and it spreads from one person to the other. That is okay, as long as the team is able to stay on track. You are a team after all. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Don’t be afraid to give tasks to your friends. As a team, everyone has to share the responsibility, or it will show in the final piece.

I write this, sounding like we are a perfect group of friends and working team, we aren’t. We’ve had nights where barely anything got done, we’ve had times where we got frustrated with one another, we’ve had to change plans and put whole projects on the back burner. It will happens, just be ready and learn from the experience.

It is definitely a lot harder than I first thought, but it is still fun- an adventure I never thought I’d have. It is great seeing everyone proud of something it took weeks to film and edit. It is ecstatic when you are able to get that great shot, or you are able to have one take without messing up the dialogue or action.

Don’t be scared. Do something you never thought you could do. With your friends next to you, you will feel invisible.