As it is tradition for first blog posts: welcome to my blog. I have been blogging for recreation since I was about fourteen years old, so I think I have it down by now. However, I never blogged with a purpose before. That is all going to change.

Before we talk about what this blog is about, let us get to know one another. I moved from one cornfield to another. I am a Bowling Green State University graduate. I have a major in Creative Writing and a minor in German. The first story I could remember writing was in third grade, right after I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone for the first time. It all fell into place from there, as they say.

Today, I am working on a couple larger pieces, hoping that I have the mental capacity and patience to turn them into novels. I also have recently started learning about writing screenplays. Being from Ohio, there are many months out of the year that are spent indoors. So, during one extra cold, snowy weekend, a group of friends and I decided to start a YouTube channel. Silly ideas soon started to develop into larger, serious works. Below, I will link the channel.

Just like when you learn anything, there is a lot of stumbling along the way before things settle into place. That is what we are experiencing right now, but it is a learning experience. After every short film, we end up learning more about technique, and how we work with one another. I learned that I have fallen into the place of Special Effects Makeup Artist (woo, that’s a mouthful of a title.)

I never went to school for makeup or film. I rarely even wear makeup; funny story, I didn’t even know how to color match my foundation until the spring of 2016. Only eight months later, and I would like to believe I have a beginner’s to intermediate’s knowledge of the special effects world.

That is the intention of this blog. I want to show all the stumbles and struggles it takes to do what you love to do. Writer’s block is inevitable, rejection for publication is a given, and struggles to have makeup look readable, but believable, on film is a constant challenge.

All aboard the struggle bus. Next stop: indie film festivals.

Visit our YouTube channel here!